Product Layering 101

How To Order Skincare Products In Your Routine To Get the Best Bang for Your Buck 

We all know cleanser goes first and moisturizer/sunscreen is applied last but what about
all that jazz in between? Whether you have a 3-step or a 10-step routine, applying your skincare products in the correct sequence will allow them to absorb quicker and work more effectively.

At the end of this post, you’ll know if you should apply serum before or after essence, how much sunscreen is enough sunscreen, and if you should use the rub or pat method.

How to order your skincare products.Order is important.

The skin is a vital organ that keeps pathogens and injury from entering the body. If you’re applying your skincare regimen out of order, you could prevent the benefits from reaching maximum potential or worse yet, make them ineffective altogether. 

The general rule-of-thumb is to apply from thinnest to thickest and from actives to hydrators and moisturizers that just sit on the skin’s surface. When in doubt, water is thinner than oil. Apply water based products first (ie toner) and lock in all the moisture with face oil last!

Pat in your skincare.
Patting is the gentlest and most effective technique for product absorption. This method allows even distribution and increases blood circulation to allow your products to sink into your skin quicker. 

Skincare starts at your forehead and ends at the décolletage  the area that spans between your chin and chest. Apply your products using an upward and outward motion.

Limit yourself to two or three serums per routine.
Layer your serums from thinnest to thickest. If you don’t have time for layers, you can streamline this step with a "serum cocktail – a custom blend in your palm. Ingredients like Vitamin C and Retinol are unstable so it’s best to refrain from mixing them into your serum cocktail!

You don’t have to wait for each product to fully absorb before moving on to the next skincare step. 
The time it takes to reach your favorite bottle of skincare to warming that product in your palms is all the time you need in between layers! No skincare should sit on your skin for longer than that and not be absorbed.


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