In Conversation With

Mayly Tao, Episode 04

This week’s episode of “In Conversation with” features Mayly Tao, owner of DK’s Donuts & Bakery, Donut Princess LA and host of the podcast Short n’ Sweet. She is also featured in the new, highly acclaimed documentary “The Donut King.” 

We had the pleasure to host Mayly for a conversation about her businesses, the importance of Asian-American representation, self-care as an entrepreneur and more. She touches upon the history of donut shops owned by Cambodian immigrants - a story reflected in “The Donut King.” Mayly’s uncle sponsored hundreds of Cambodian refugees and helped them eventually own their own donut shops. Crowned “The Donut Princess,” Mayly harnessed this multicultural story to carve out a rightful spot in the LA Food Scene.

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