How Pandemic Stress “Gets Under Your Skin” – And How to Help

Studies indicate that sustained psychological stress and sleep deprivation leads to higher levels of inflammation in the skin. Feeling stressed can impair the functioning of your skin’s barrier, making it hypersensitive to irritation, dryness and external pollution. 

While the conversation about mental wellness during stressful times is absolutely essential, many are also concerned about the toll current events are taking on their skin. Topical products that don’t address skin on the cellular level simply mask problems, doing nothing to care for the skin barrier or truly stop inflammation at the source. One way to help care for stressed out skin is by using CBD (Cannibidiol) skin care products.

Skin has an innate Endocannabinoid System, in which CBD functions like a superhero. CBD plays an important role in cell growth and immune-modulation effects that directly tie into inflammation – including the inflammation created by psychological stress and lack of sleep. Products with CBD enhance the function of our skin’s naturally occurring Endocannabinoid System, offering a helping hand to depuff, soothe and destress our skin. 

Aromatherapeutic products may also help relieve psychological stress – making products like Lavender Sleeping Mask, beneficial. Lavender has been proven to instill calmness and wellness, while relieving anxiety. 

Through aromatherapy, K-beauty inspired products and CBD, an established skincare routine can help destress from inside out.

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