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Sydney Park, Episode 05

Sydney Park

This week’s episode of “In Conversation With” features Sydney Park. Sydney is an actress who has taken Hollywood by storm. She sat down with Kana Skincare to discuss her new role, Kiera in MOXIE, the newest Netflix comedy-drama directed by Amy Poehler. 

A talented actress who has been performing since the age of 6, Sydney Park has been featured in The Walking Dead and Santa Clarita Diet. Park was also acclaimed as “the standout of the young cast” for her starring role in Pretty Little Liars: The PerfectionistsShe is also the lead character in the upcoming horror film, There’s Someone Inside Your House, by Patrick Brice and James Wan – set to be released on Netflix in a few months! 

Sydney discussed working with Amy Poehler, her upcoming starring role, and the importance of breaking the stigma of mental health for Asian Americans. Sydney dished on her secrets to that glow despite the long and irregular hours of filming; she loves applying our essence toner for its hydrating and balancing properties or in her words – “my skin just drinks it up and feels so good!

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