In Conversation With

Eunice Kim, Episode 07

This week’s “In Conversation with” features Eunice Kim, founder of HiVi. Standing for “High Vibration,” HiVi is a digital first platform dedicated to helping conscious consumers navigate the cannabis industry, working with over 250 brands!

Eunice shares her transition from the fashion industry to the cannabis industry, how her high-powered career led her to CBD, and much more. HiVi strikes a balance of an efficient, tech-enabled company that is led with heart. From amplifying under-represented voices to consulting with medical advisors, Eunice explains how HiVi strives to represent a diverse landscape.

HiVi will be relaunching this summer with a science-backed concierge-system to recommend cannabis products based on what each individual needs and wants. She brings up the calming Lavender Sleep Mask as an example of a product that would be recommended for a customer looking for a topical product while having sensitive skin.

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