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Kelly Mittendorf, Episode 08

This week’s “In Conversation with” features Kelly Mittendorf, Head of Community at NEWNESS. NEWNESS is a live streaming platform built specifically for the beauty community. It is the place to watch and interact with your favorite creators in real time. 

NEWNESS is “a beauty conversation that everyone is invited to” -– founded on the values of inclusion, compassion, learning and joy, we were lucky enough to catch up with Kelly while NEWNESS is just beginning! Kelly formerly oversaw brand partnerships at Urban Outfitters and influencer marketing and Glossier. Before that, she was a high-fashion model featured in British Vogue, Elle and more. She brings a unique perspective to the NEWNESS team.

As Head of Community, Kelly discusses the uniqueness of the NEWNESS community, how community has fueled the success of the platform and her new favorite features. “A lot of beauty content creators have grappled with social media and mental health,” Kelly discusses. She explains the pride she feels and how NEWNESS stands out in that regard. Aspects such as polls, encouraging global moderators and ethics of the community make the experience of NEWNESS uniquely interactive and supportive for creators and the audience.

Live-streaming is more popular than ever as media consumers gravitate towards authenticity over production. NEWNESS uses this shift for good in the beauty community. The platform feels like a safe space – a home for people who already care about beauty.

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Interested in streaming on NEWNESS? Go to and get ahead on the streaming waitlist using code “KANA”. 

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