How One Product Can Take Your Sensitive Skin into the Next Season

For everything there is to love about the season changing from summer to fall, like carving pumpkins, your favorite Halloween movie, the leaves changing colors…there's one thing that might suffer during the transition: our skin. Seasonal and climate changes can bring inconsistency to all skin types, wreaking havoc on skin health, texture, and tone. However, those with sensitive skin have it the worst.

Sensitive skin often fails to retain moisture, leaving it feeling dry, stripped, and rough. Fall weather brings with it colder air, low humidity levels, and harsh wind. These environmental conditions contribute to the problem, as what little moisture your sensitive skin was retaining is stripped away by the chilly wind. Fortunately, there is one superhero product that offers a respite to these issues – face oil!

The idea of putting oil on your face can be a little scary, especially if your skin is ultra-sensitive. The last thing anyone wants is a breakout induced by trying a new product. However, those with sensitive skin are actually the perfect candidates to use face oil, as its beneficial effects are most ideal for dry, easily-irritated skin, especially aggravated by weather changes.

Sensitive skin is ultra-reactive to seasonal changes, often developing rashes from the harsh conditions. When you apply a face oil, not only does the moisture sink into the skin, leaving it softer and healthier, but it also helps replenish the moisture barrier on your skin. This means that your skin will be more protected against even the most cold and dry weather.

“I've been suffering from winter rashes during the colder months and lately, one developed on the back of my neck. This one didn't go away and I couldn't get any immediate relief from it with my usual hydrocortisone cream. Once I put LIT on it, the inflammation and itchiness dissipated substantially (within minutes)! The redness disappeared the second day and I didn't even think about the rash or felt the need to scratch it all day! HG facial oil.”

-  Lisa, LIT Oil Reviewer

Our LIT Premium Facial Oil Blend contains a combination of premium CBD and 16 plant-based oils. These oils are specially selected to be packed with nutrients for a luxurious, nourishing experience. These painstakingly picked ingredients are part of the reason when LIT Facial Oil is applied, it doesn’t leave you feeling greasy, or shiny – just refreshed! LIT is absorbed quickly. The benefits of Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 all combine for a perfect formula to balance hydration, subdue breakouts, and fade existing scars. Dr. Ewoma Ukeleghe is a medical and cosmetic doctor, and clinical expert in skincare and non-surgical advancement. In an interview with Stylist, she recommends jojoba oil and CBD oil, two of the primary ingredients of our LIT Premium Facial Oil. She points out that jojoba oil specifically mimics human sebum in its composition. By adding a face oil with jojoba included, your skin is soothed and moisturized, and your natural oil production is balanced. Dr. Ukeleghe also recommends CBD oil for dry, sensitive skin, indicating research that speaks to “anti-inflammatory properties when applied topically.” CBD Oil contains fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins. It’s almost like taking a multivitamin for your skin! As you break out your fall coats, seasonal candles, and the coziest blankets – add a face oil to your skincare routine to enjoy fall, sensitive skin and all! Suffering from dryness, painful rashes or breakouts should be a thing of the past!

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