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Frequent fliers know the huge disruption traveling through time zones can have on their sleep schedules – but did you know jet lag can wreak havoc on your skin too? Firstly, cellular regeneration occurs three times as fast while asleep! This includes turnover of skin cells, essential for radiance and fighting dry, textured skin. Airplane air is notoriously dry and reduced oxygen to the skin combined with high cabin pressure can leave your skin begging for a vacation before you even leave security.

The key to avoiding this stress? Go makeup free on the flight and nourish with a restful mask and oil prior to boarding, like our Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask and LIT Premium Facial Oil Blend. These two products can be combined for a glow that withstands even the stuffiest airplane cabin. Applying prior to boarding is key. While many use sheet masks or apply their skincare while flying, it is not recommended due to air quality and cleanliness concerns. Joshua Zeichner, M.D., director of cosmetic and clinical research in dermatology at the Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City spoke to Teen Vogue about the counterintuitive effects of applying skincare while on the plane, such as the popular sheet mask. He remarks that “the cabin air will rapidly draw the moisture out of these masks, rendering them more or less useless.” That is why we recommend applying your skincare prior to boarding and using cream products, like the Lavender Sleeping Mask. It absorbs quickly, meaning it won’t stay tacky during a layover.

Take it from VICE Contributor and THUMP Features Editor Michelle Lhooq, who turned to our Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask to counteract the most hectic of travel schedules. “After an 18-hour flight; salt-soaked airplane food coupled with a lack of sleep,” she details that her skin was going haywire, with “dry, red patches and painful zits sprouting all over my face.” Yet at her most sleep deprived, Michelle remarks our mask gave her skin an all-over glow and the “dark circles under my eyes seemed less sunken than they should have been.” 

LIT Facial Oil heals, nourishes, hydrates, soothes, and restores your skin. The combination of premium hemp phytocannabinoid (CBD) + 16 plant-based oils work with your skin to reduce any redness and sensitivity that might occur during travel. Airplane air is dry and recirculated, which can cause inflammation.

Lavender Sleeping Mask soothes, softens, and brightens the complexion while creating a natural glow. The formulation balances the skin as it nourishes to reduce inflammation and breakout, which often occurs due to dehydration, fatigue, and environmental toxins encountered during our travels.

There’s evidence to suggest that UV damage can occur through airplane windows. LIT Oil and Lavender Sleeping Mask are packed with omega 3, 6, 7, and 9, and Vitamin E to protect against UV-induced skin photodamage through a combination of antioxidant and UV absorptive properties! 

Another bonus of Lavender Sleeping Mask is the all-natural aromatherapy of lavender. It promotes restfulness and healthy sleep, no matter what timezone you’re in. Let the power of aromatherapy transform you beyond jetlag into your healthiest, glowing self.  

Did you know Kana Skincare products are within TSA’s liquid ounce limits? We also have deluxe sizes of our masks and oil if you’re looking to save precious packing space.

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