All Treats, No Tricks: Tackling Scary Skin Concerns this Halloween

What’s your Halloween vibe? Costume planned out in detail or thrown together last minute? Practical Magic rerun or the newest slasher film? Maybe you’re just in it for the candy. Either way, there’s no denying Halloween is a spooky season. Yet nothing is as frightening as an unexpected skin concern, especially before a big event.

We’ve put together a list of three of the scariest skin concerns and their remedies so your skin can be at its best this Halloween. With a little help from the products below, the only thing you’ll worry about this October is picking out your Halloween costume!

➤ Texture
When your skin texture is uneven, it’s beyond eerie. You notice your face makeup isn’t going on as smoothly as you'd like, and feel a difference in smoothness across your entire face. You notice your pores are visible from feet away and even your moisturizer sinks into previously-invisible fine lines. What’s the cure?

Several factors contribute to uneven skin texture, so the best way to address it is with a product like Purple Rice Sleeping Mask. This mask is formulated to eliminate three culprits of uneven skin texture: moisture loss, sun and acne damage, and lack of collagen.

I am so impressed with how my skin looks after using this mask every night. My skin is visibly smoother and tighter. A huge fan.

– Sandie S., Purple Rice Reviewer

Purple Rice Extract and β-Glucan are two powerful ingredients which preserve hyaluronic acid content in your skin to retain moisture and create a firm and smooth texture⁣⁣. β-Glucan specifically delivers a dose of hydration to your top dermal level, immediately boosting your skin barrier, and smoothing your skin. Meanwhile, licorice root extract fades dark spots and scars while CBD Oil reduces redness and soothes inflammation. The mask also contains Centella asiatica extract, a natural ingredient that has become a staple in K-Beauty products. Centella asiatica extract contains active compounds that boosts antioxidant activity, calms inflammation, speeds wound healing, stimulates new cell growth, builds collagen, and improves circulation⁣⁣. These benefits all combine to give you a soft, smooth skin canvas!

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➤ Surprise Breakout
Boo! Nothing is more horrifying than waking up with a crop of pimples that sprouted overnight. Even when you’ve done everything right, hormones, environmental factors and more can contribute to inflamed skin that breaks out. What’s the next step to taking back control?

If you can, go makeup free during the following day and apply sunscreen to protect against further sun damage and inflammation. At night, apply 
Lavender Sleeping Mask to the entire face. This life-saver of a product will work overnight (and overtime!) to soothe the existing breakouts and prevent new ones from popping up!

Unlike some topical acne treatments, Lavender Sleeping Mask is clean and plant based, with a formula that will soothe the skin as opposed to drying it out. Lavandula Angustifolia and CBD Oil both contain powerful antioxidants that alleviates the inflammation of acne. The ingredients also improve the formation of scar tissue, fading acne scars from previous breakouts.

“I have hormonal acne and it can hurt really bad and get inflamed throughout the day. The lavender and CBD in this mask really soothes my skin and feels like a soft blanket. In the morning I am glowing after using the mask.

– Natalie M., Lavender Sleeping Mask Reviewer

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➤ Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Haunted by visible signs of aging? Maybe you’re just haunted by the idea they could appear at any moment. Don’t fall for the jump-scare, get ahead of the worries with a next-generation essence that smoothes skin texture and evens skin tone for younger looking and healthier feeling skin. Fine lines and wrinkles don’t stand a chance against 
EGF Active Botanical Essence, the first-step to an anti-aging regimen.

We are all born with Epidermal Growth Factors (EGF). These proteins are manufactured by cells, and comprise the layers of the skin. These growth factors activate collagen and elastin production in the skin, facilitating cellular turnover. However, when we enter our 20’s this activation begins to diminish, resulting in slower cellular turnover and growth as well as thinner, less supple skin. This leads to visible signs of aging. That’s where the EGF Active Botanical essence comes in!

We use an ultra-stable, vegan Epidermal Growth Factor sourced from barley called Oligopeptide. This EGF stimulates skin growth and repair, while leading to hydration by increasing collagen production. It also protects against future damage that leads to visible signs of aging, strengthening your skin barrier against UV damage and free-radicals, environmental stressors. There’s a reason this product has been called “a wrinkle eraser” and “botox in a bottle”!

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If you’re dealing with a combination of skin issues, consider trying one of our 
Kana Skincare KitsThese curated selections combine several products for a multi-tasking skincare routine best suited for a multitude of concerns. All of our products can be layered and incorporated into a single skincare routine!

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