Spring Forward your Skincare Routine

Spring brings with it a warmer climate, beautiful flowers, allergies – and a change in how you should address your skincare. As seasons change, so do the individualized needs of your skincare routine. The products you reach for to protect your moisture barrier in the winter might not have a place in your #SpringShelfie. Turns out spring cleaning isn’t just for your house - it’s for your face too!

We caught up with a few of our favorite skincare professionals to hear firsthand how they “Spring Forward” their skincare routines. These women share their suggestions for giving your skin its best shot this season!

Shannon Docs is the master facialist and co-founder of Spa B, a skincare boutique in Grafton, Ohio. Shannon has 17+ years of experience as a licensed esthetician specializing in holistic and natural techniques!

How to incorporate spring cleaning into your skincare routine? Shannon shares the importance of giving makeup brushes and sponges a good, thorough cleanse weekly and washing pillow cases every few days. Shannon also suggests cleaning from the inside out, not just topical products. “Incorporate a Green Smoothie… that includes spinach & celery for ultimate skin clearing/resetting benefits to glow from within!” She also adds to pay close attention to potential expiring products. 

 “I always remind my clients that products DO have expiration dates/shelf lives! They don’t last forever! So I recommend getting a fresh tube of mascara, fresh lip products and a daily SPF 30-50 moisturizer if they aren’t already using one.” 

In selecting spring skincare, Shannon helps her clients choose lightweight products that work with environmental changes. For warmer and stickier months, a foam/gel cleanser might be more appropriate than a creamy one. “I guide them to avoid heavy, skin suffocating foundations and opt for lighter BB or CC creams or loose powders.” The same goes for moisturizers, avoiding thicker creams in favor of lighter lotions or just serums. Increased time in the sun is a concern too, “I highly recommend sleep/overnight masks to replenish and repair skin in double time!” Shannon loves our Lavender Sleeping Mask for this.

Angela Sattler, RN is the Owner and Lead Injector at Renew Aesthetics and IV Hydration Bar, a full service medical spa which takes a modern boutique-style approach to aging. 

What should you add or avoid in selecting spring skincare? Angela mentions that she pays attention to ingredients more than ever. Beautiful, warm weather in the spring months often means increased time in the sunlight – which calls for increased attention to skin protection. “The first step into my spring cleaning is putting all my retinol products away.” Not only does retinol make one's skin more sensitive to potentially damaging UV rays, sunlight jeopardizes the efficacy of the product. 

Instead of dealing with these potentially damaging effects, Angela reaches for products with calming and hydrating ingredients. 

“When I know my skin is being exposed to more direct sun I use Kana's Lit oil the most, because the CBD components calm and hydrate my skin the BEST!” 

Phytocannabinoid, the broad-spectrum CBD extract derived from industrial hemp in Lit Facial Oil is ultra-nutritive. Fatty acids, proteins, minerals, and vitamins regenerate the skin, leaving it younger and smoother. The formulation balances sebum production as well, meaning it is suitable for humid climates and the warm sun. Angela also takes advantage of sleeping masks. “I am obsessed with the purple rice mask! I've also been using it as just an eye cream which has changed my life!” Just a few key product swaps can make a world of difference in springtime. 

Noelle Valera is an esthetician with 6+ years of spa experience and the founder of De La DermaShe has a gold standard for pure ingredients in skincare, creating a marketplace full of brands that align with her values. Noelle is also a big proponent of homemade face masks – you might recognize her from our In Conversation With feature last month, where she and our founder showed us how to make a depuff face mask.

How do you spring forward your skincare routine? Noelle describes her seasonal skincare as a form of self care. She confesses her skin “has been going through it this winter” due to “all the traveling, the weather changes and my acne acting up!” Yes, even master estheticians have skin concerns – but nothing that can’t be fixed with a revamp of routine. 

“This is the perfect opportunity to look at your skincare routine and think about what it currently needs to be its best self. Personally I decided to spoil myself since it has been a rough winter… physically and emotionally.” 

Noelle notes that Kana Skincare products are essential additions to her skincare routine in the spring. “The first thing I added was EGF, Lit, and Lavender sleeping mask from Kana to feed my skin some nutrients it was lacking.” Ingredients are everything to Noelle, 365 days of the year. She always avoids “anything impure, trendy, or with fake ingredients” when selecting nutrient-rich products.

What is your spring forward skincare routine? Share your tips with us! 

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