Skincare Inspired Mocktails & Cocktails for New Years

Say cheers! Specialty cocktails (or mocktails!) are a fun way to celebrate the new year. As inspiration for at-home-mixologists, we put together a collection of revitalizing recipes for the winter season, inspired by select Kana products!

Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask

As an ode to the Lavender Sleeping Mask, we’ve discovered two botanical concoctions which include recipes for homemade lavender simple syrup to lemonade cocktails and more!

To make any of these cocktails virgin, swap out the liquor for extra sparkling water or a splash of your favorite seltzer.

Our Salty Kitchen’s Lavender Gin Sour relies on homemade lavender simple syrup and gin to give a refreshing classic a feminine, floral twist. The cocktail has a natural purple color and the garnish of a lavender sprig to make it worthy of any garden party.

My Millennial Kitchen’s Lavender Lemonade Cocktail is an elevated, boozy take on a summer time favorite. This isn’t your childhood lemonade stand classic – but it is a rich, flavorful summer cocktail that will suit any taste palette. 

Pink Lotus Essence Toner

The Lotus Essence Toner’s all natural color (no added dyes) and hero ingredient lotus oil serves as inspiration for both a floral and pretty-in-pink cocktail.

The Spruce Eats created a lotus blossom cocktail with floral notes, not unlike our lotus essence toner. With pear-flavored vodka and sake, the lotus blossom is one flavor-filled martini!

From All Recipes, find this classic Pink Lady Cocktail that uses gin and grenadine to achieve its blossom pink color. Top with an edible flower, found at most health-food groceries, for an extra dose of cuteness.

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