New Year's Eve Skin S.O.S.

New Year's Eve is right around the corner, with its shimmer, glitter and glam galore. But after you’ve popped the champagne, popped off the false lashes and entered the new year –  what does your skin feel like? The holiday makeup that we love most – bright lipstick, glittery eyeshadow – often leave your skin feeling raw and exposed. These statement looks often require harsh cleansers or makeup removers after the fact. After all that, your skin might even still have traces of that photo-ready foundation!

We’ve put together a guide to
S.Y.S. (Save Your Skin) after New Years, or any other long night wearing a full face of makeup! These three steps will ensure your skin can handle any makeup look you want to try. 

Planning to stay indoors this year but tend to fall asleep on the couch before the ball drops? We won’t tell. Use these three steps for an extra special start to 2022. 

Step 1: Lotus Essence Toner

After completely removing your makeup, you need a product that will replenish and prime the skin. Our Lotus Essence does just that, bringing your skin back to its natural pH state. This is especially essential if you use makeup remover with high-levels of alcohol or other harsh ingredients. Pat in our Essence Toner, which uses premium hemp phytocannabinoid (CBD), green tea leaf extract and other natural ingredients to restore the balance of your skin. This product also preps the skin to effectively absorb the rest of your skincare routine, maximizing the benefits to reveal the ultimate skin glow.

PRO TIP: Pour a suitable amount onto thin cotton pads. Leave on skin for 15 minutes like a makeshift sheet mask for deep hydration. Remove and toss cotton pads away afterwards.

Step 2: LIT Premium Facial Oil

Your skin is on its way to balance and is primed for moisture. Replenish the moisture stripped away from cleansing with a fast-acting, ultra nourishing facial oil. The combination of CBD and sixteen plant-based oils work with your skin to reduce any redness and sensitivity that began from rubbing at your skin. Apply gently, patting extra into areas of the skin that feel more sensitive.

Step 3: Lavender CBD Sleeping Mask

Following the essence toner and facial oil, your skin should be feeling less inflamed. The all-natural ingredients work in synergy to soothe any irritation and replenish the moisture barrier. Lock all the goodness in with an overnight sleeping mask containing 28 botanicals that deliver dewy and luminous skin! 

BUNDLE & SAVE! Shop this 3-step S.Y.S routine in our
Hydration Kit.

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