Marketing? Gimmick? The 411 on CBD, CBN & CBG

What They Do and Why They’re Important in Skincare

This Winter, Kana Skincare was proud to release a new product into the Kana Skincare family, our Lotus Essence Toner. The formula is crafted not to clash with any pre-existing skincare routine but rather add to it. Traditionally, a toner is used as the final step in cleansing, preparing the skin for treatment. An essence is used as the first step in treatment. #Skinimalism, focusing on simple, safe formulas with real effective results, is in for 2021. What better way than by combining two essential skincare steps into one super powered product?

Looking at the ingredient list, you’ll notice Pink Lotus Essence Toner features not only CBD (Cannabidiol), but also CBG and CBN. What’s the difference, and why is it meaningful all three are included?


CBD, CBG, and CBN are all members of cannabinoid compounds found in hemp. These compounds work for the body’s pre-existing Endocannabinoid System. An essential part of wellness, the body’s Endocannabinoid System plays a role in immune system strength, metabolism, and cell growth!

CBD is considered the most mainstream, but both CBN and CBG hold their own–particularly when used in skincare. All of the compounds help calm inflammation, the precursor to all issues of the skin, and assist with cellular turnover (hello radiance!). They also balance oil production and reduce the appearance of pores and wrinkles.

CBN and CBG are both proven to be powerful anti-inflammatories. They're also both antibacterial–eliminating issues such as acne on the skin.

CBG is often called the “mother” of other cannabinoid compounds–because it precedes synthesization of all the other compounds! Not only does this mean that the addition of CBG helps facilitate the benefits of other ingredients, CBG is the most easily absorbed into the Endocannabinoid System! This means CBG can go beyond the surface level to penetrate the deeper layers of the skin, where all the benefits occur.

CBN is a superstar for anyone who suffers with the redness, irritation and rough skin that comes with Psoriasis. There is evidence that CBN reduces the multiplication of Keratinocytes, a skin cell whose overproduction is linked to stubborn Psoriasis skin lesions. 

Kana Lotus CBD Essence Toner
Through this, the benefits of Pink Lotus’ ingredients go far beyond a gimmick or marketing - they are “skin deep.” CBD, CBN and CBG form a trifecta in order to calm inflammation, fight irritation and dryness and promote glowing skin, utilizing the most effective array of cannabinoids for skin benefits.

“It feels good to get so many benefits from just one skincare step,” a reviewer writes. Anna Griffin, Editor in Chief of Coco Eco, credits our essence toner to getting her glow on. “This softly-scented toner is always a great start and end to my day.” She calls it “luxuriously hydrating when applied.” 

Try the Lotus CBD Essence Toner for yourself here!

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