Afterlife of Your Skincare Empties

Down to the last drops of your favorite toner? Scraping the bottom of that sleeping mask for the last bit of product? Go ahead and restock the product but don’t throw away those pretty containers just yet! This Earth Day, Kana Skincare wants to share ways to turn your empty skincare containers into creative, upcycled solutions! 

Did you know?

By selecting skincare that is glass–not plastic–you are already choosing a sustainable option. The majority of plastic packaging used in cosmetics is sent to landfills and this substance won’t break down for centuries. Glass is 100% recyclable. Known as a “closed loop system,” the action of recycling glass creates no byproducts! 

Upcycle ideas

Makeup Remover Pads

Kana Skincare sleeping masks come in glass circular jars, perfect for placing cotton rounds inside. Rinse out your jar and pat dry, then fill the jar with your desired amount of cotton rounds. Lastly, fill up the container with a gentle makeup remover (like micellar water) and close the lid. Let this sit for 30 minutes, or until the liquid permeates the cotton. Voila! You have makeup remover pads.

Nail Polish Remover

Repeat the steps above – wash and dry the jar before repurposing it. Then, soak cotton rounds or a sponge with nail polish remover. Let the remover permeate the cotton rounds/sponge and you have a portable nail polish remover. Whether you’re at home or traveling on-the-go, manicures just got a total upgrade!

Travel Sized

Calling all jetsetters! All Kana Skincare products (except the Lotus Essence Toner) are TSA approved sizes and safe for flight! Save the jars and repot your favorite shampoo, conditioner, and hair masks etc. You’ll save money and time by not needing to purchase plastic travel containers or entire sets of your go-to products in travel size!

Catch-All Storage Jar

Glass jars make a foolproof solution to the little trinkets that are never where you need them. Small hair elastics, earring backs and even rings get lost so easily. Repurpose Kana’s sleeping masks into catch-all jars.

Flower Vase

Pink Lotus Essence Toner comes in a beautiful frosted glass container. This is the perfect size to display a few stems of flowers or a cutting of pampas grass.  Bring the outside, inside – place the vase on your bathroom or windowsill to add a small touch of nature!

Don’t forget! In celebration of Earth Month, enjoy 25% OFF sitewide using code “ONEPLANET” at checkout. Offer ends 4/19/22! 

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