A Self Care Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day is one of the oldest holidays still celebrated in the modern world – dating back to 496 AD! These days, Valentine’s Day is seen as a couple’s holiday, replete with heart-shaped boxes of chocolate and pre-fixe three course meal.

That said, Valentine’s Day is all about love, and not just romantic love, but self love. We chatted with our lovely friends to share how they are showing love to themselves this season!

Soo Min Kim is Miss Korea 2018, a TV Host and a journalist. She also has a successful Youtube Channel that shares her life. This Valentine’s Day, Soo shares her plans to actively commit to self-care, reminding us that we’re as deserving of our own love as anyone else!

“I’m planning to treat myself to rest, self-care, and good food. I owe it to myself. After getting caught up in my work and my duties, I’ve decided that it’s time to slow down and find a healthy balance in life. I know I can do this!”

Don’t be afraid to schedule in self-care to your calendar – it’s just as important (if not more important) than your commitments with others.

Sasha Perelman is the visionary at Revolver. She has 20 years of experience across multiple industries in concept creation, event strategy, multi-sensory consumer journey design, and innovative engagements. Sasha reveals two special rituals for self-care that she’s engaging in all month long – and a mantra from Rupaul!

“This month I am committing to two very important self-care rituals:
- Coffee and journaling – this is my opportunity to express gratitude, reflect, brain dump, and ground before I start the day—especially checking that crazy inbox!
- Reading in the sauna – I know it sounds insane, but it helps me keep my mind off how hot it is while filling my soul with a good read. Currently into: Radical Self-Love by Gala Darling."

"If you can't love yourself, how the hell are you going to love anyone else?!" – Ru Paul

Tisha Thompson is a trained makeup artist turned beauty business powerhouse. She is the founder and CEO of LYS Beauty, a company on a mission to diversify clean beauty. In the season of love, Tisha is investing in her present and future!

“I decided to show more love to myself and my health by starting Whole30. Pray for me, LOL. I am also focusing on my short and long term goals by updating my vision board so that I can reset and prioritize what’s most important to me.”

Finally, our beloved founder Janice Buu lets us in on some small lifestyle changes that can make a big difference in the long run in feeling loved, especially with her busy workweeks!

“Adding small activities (i.e., dance classes, reading) that make me happy on week days to rejuvenate from the heavy workload and participating in outdoor activities (ie., golfing, hiking, beach because it’s 90 degrees in LA) on the weekends with loved ones! I’m totally plant based...need the sun!”

Share how you’re showing yourself some self-love this Valentine’s season. From us to you – remember to take extra good care of yourself, mentally and physically – you deserve it!

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