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Jenny Lei , Episode 13

This week's episode of “In Conversation With” features Jenny Lei, founder of Freja New York. Freja creates functional vegan leather pieces for the modern lifestyle. Every piece is made high quality, slow, and personal while advocating for a meaningful, inclusive, and sustainable future.

Jenny’s collection has been featured in Vogue, WhoWhatWear, Byrdie, and The Zoe Report.

“The meaning of luxury is no longer about designer labels but about interacting with a brand that makes you feel special and listened to.”

Jenny sat down with our founder, Janice Buu to discuss the inspiration behind Freja. She also shares her thoughts on the future of accessories and how the space is redefining luxury. Both founders share the benefits of small batch production and tips for entrepreneurs who are hesitant to take the leap.

Amidst all the chaos, Jenny finds her balance going to Equinox in Hudson Yards and pampering herself with EGF Active Botanical Essence – which has kept her skin calm and nourished through the dry, harsh NYC winter. Shop Jenny’s favorite EGF Active Botanical Essence here.

Kana Skincare and Freja New York are partnering to give away a Hydration Kit and $250 Freja gift card – a bundle worth over $400Enter for your chance to win our giveaway here. 

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